KM 5




attività, anima

e somari



I had a desire: to study in Milan. And so it has been.
I had another desire: to work in Milan. And so it has been.
Then came another one, another dream: to wake up every morning and see the Alps, right there, waiting for me.

Casello is my homecoming, back to my roots.
I was born in Cuneo, but I soon chose Lazio and Lombardia regions over it and I left.

Journalist: the wandering gave me the taste for hospitality. Maybe it is a way of expressing gratitude: to give back.

My days move at the rhythm the animals deserve and need. The animals that share their lives with mine: donkeys, but also Sambucan sheeps, dogs, cats, pigeons, magpies, foxes and roe deer.

In the “Parco Fluviale” nature, history and culture meet and intertwine. I chose to live on a tiny plot of the park where you can hike or cycle on beautiful trails near Valle Vermenagna, Gesso, Stura and Maira.