KM 5




attività, anima

e somari



Their charming ears, their big eyes, the prestige of simplicity: it is love at first sight, for those people who acknowledge and recognise the joy of their being and their slow pace.
Their paddock is very close to the B&B’s park: at eye-level.

Nature is the protagonist.
During your stay at Casello you will forget about the urban environment, engineered by humans for humans, where nature and animals are often seen and felt like intruders.

In this day and age many feel like they’re living in a world that’s more and more virtual. We all miss face-to-face relationships.
The language of nature is built, on the contrary, on “relationships”. The key is planting the seeds of a holistic view on life: to know our own sensations, emotions, to “smell” different species’ emotions: to develop intuition, empathy through experience. To believe in the power of communication – inter and intra species.

On request, and when compatible with the rhythms of work, we can organize recreational and educational activities – also with donkeys- with the B&B’s owner, which is Professional Hiking Guide ” (Regione Piemonte L.R. 33/2001), Coadjutor with donkey’s activities according to the Animal-assisted Intervention Guidelines (accordo sancito il 25 marzo 2015, Ministero del lavoro, della salute e delle politiche sociali).